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Why is Russia not in G7?

Russia is not a member of the G7 right now, but it was a member of this group before, and the group was called G7. Here the question arises, why was Russia suspended from G7? What are the reasons behind it?, will G7 include Russia again in future? Let's understand all the points and conclude why is Russia not in G7?

Why should Russia be a member of the G7?

Russia is the world’s 1st biggest country in terms of area.

Russia is the leading country in the world and has tremendous influence all over the world.

Russia used to be a member of the G7 till 2014 due to its influence in the world, even Russia is not an advanced economy.

Russia is the top energy source for all European countries and the top defence equipment provider for different countries all over the world.

Why is Russia not in G7?

Actually, In 1998 Russia joined this group, and this group became G7, but in 2014 Russia was suspended from the group due to the annexation of Crimea, and again the group became G7.

Will G7 include Russia in the group again?

In 2020, U.S. President Donald Trump, backed by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, proposed for Russia's return in G7, but other members rejected the proposal, and Russia also did not express any interest to return to this group.