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What is software?

A sequence of instructions written for a computer to perform a task is called a program and a set of programs is called software.

Software is always written as software and not as softwares.

Types of Software:

There are two types of software.

(1). System Software:

A set of programs is called software and software that organize, utilize and control the hardware of a computer is called system software.

Example: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android, etc.

The system software further can be divided into four parts.

(a). Operating System: It is a set of programs that controls the overall operations of a computer.

(b). Assemblers: It is a set of programs that converts assembly language program into machine code (a pattern of bits) to perform a task.

(c). Compilers: It is a set of programs that converts low-level language (statements are written in a particular language) into machine code to perform a task.

(d). Translator: It is a set of programs that converts statements written in one language to another language.

(2). Application Software:

It is a set of one or more programs designed to perform a task for a specific application.

Example: Uber application to book a ride, Facebook application, internet browser, etc.