Order and Ranking: Exercise-4

  1. Mayank correctly remembers that his mother's birthday is before 25th May but after 22nd May, whereas his sister correctly remembers that their mother's birthday is not on or after 24th May. On which day in May is definitely their mother's birthday?

    1. 23rd May
    2. 24th May
    3. 25Th May
    4. 22nd May

Answer: (a) 23rd May

Solution: Bithday Dates by Mayank = 23rd or 24th May.

Bithday Dates by Mayank's sister = Not on or after 24th May.

Clearly, 23rd May is common in both groups. Hence, 23rd May is the correct date.

  1. Surabhi correctly remembers that her brother's birthday is after 18th April but before 22nd April. Her sister correctly remembers that their brother's birthday is before 24th April but after 20th April. On which date in April is definitely their brother's birthday?

    1. 18th April
    2. 19th April
    3. 20th April
    4. 21st April

Answer: (d) 21st April

Solution: Bithday Dates by Surabhi = 19, 20, or 21st April.

Bithday Dates by Surabhi's sister = 21, 22, or 23rd April.

Clearly, 21st April is common in both groups. Hence, 21st April is the correct date.

  1. Rakesh correctly remembers that his sister's birthday is before Friday but after Tuesday. His brother correctly remembers that his sister's birthday is after Wednesday but before Saturday. On which of the following days does their sister's birthday?

    1. Tuesday
    2. Wednesday
    3. Thursday
    4. Friday

Answer: (c) Thursday

Solution: Bithday Days by Rakesh = Wednesday or Thursday.

Bithday Days by his brother = Thursday or Friday.

Clearly, Thursday is common in both groups. Hence, the correct day is Thursday.

  1. In a row at a bus stop, A is 9th from the left and B is 11th from the right. They both interchange their positions. Now, A becomes 12th from the left. How many people are there in the row?

    1. 25
    2. 22
    3. 20
    4. 18

Answer: (b) 22

Solution: image
Total number of people in a row = 12 + 11 - 1 = 22

  1. Rohan is taller than Keshav, who is shorter than Kamal. Rashmi is taller than Nikita but shorter than Keshav. Kamal is shorter than Rohan. Who is the tallest?

    1. Nikita
    2. Rohan
    3. Kamal
    4. Keshav

Answer: (b) Rohan

Solution: \(Rohan \gt Kamal \gt Keshav\) \(\gt Rashmi \gt Nikita\)

Hence, Rohan is tallest.

  1. Vishal is taller than Rohit but not as tall as Saket. Hari is taller than Surabhi but shorter than Rohit. Who is the shortest in the group?

    1. Saket
    2. Vishal
    3. Hari
    4. Surabhi

Answer: (d) Surabhi

Solution: \(Saket \gt Vishal \gt Rohit\) \(\gt Hari \gt Surabhi\)

Hence, Surabhi is the shortest in the group.

  1. There are five books K, L, M, N, and O. Book M lies above N, Book O is below K, N is above K and L is below O. Which book is at the top?

    1. M
    2. N
    3. O
    4. K

Answer: (a) M

Solution: image
Hence, The book at the top is M.

  1. In a class of students, Seema's rank is 18th from the top in History, whereas her rank is 15th from the bottom in Geography. How many students are there in the class?

    1. 36
    2. 34
    3. 32
    4. Cannot be determined

Answer: (d) Cannot be determined

Solution: The rank of Seema from top and bottom is given for different subjects. Hence, the total number of students in the class cannot be determined.

  1. Among A, B, C, D, and E each having a different weight, C is heavier than D but lighter than E. A is lighter than D. Who among them is the lightest?

    1. A or B
    2. C or D
    3. A or C
    4. E

Answer: (a) A or B

Solution: \(E \gt C \gt D \gt A\)

Here the information about B is not given. Hence, either A or B is the lightest among them.

  1. Nishika is taller than Priya but shorter than Rekha. Sweta is shorter than Rekha and taller than the Nishika. Sweta is taller than Sneha. Who is shorter than Priya?

    1. Rekha
    2. Sweta
    3. Sneha
    4. Nishika

Answer: (c) Sneha

Solution: \(Rekha \gt Sweta \gt Nishika\) \(\gt Priya \gt Sneha\)

Hence, Sneha is shorter than Priya.