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In many competitive examinations in India, the Indian history GK questions are asked, and here we are providing Indian history GK questions with answers and an explanation of the questions. It is not just for students preparing for any exams, you can learn Indian history GK questions for your general knowledge. This Indian history GK questions section will definitely increase your GK about Indian history and help you to prepare for your upcoming examinations.

Vasco da Gama:

Indian history GK questions (Vasco da Gama Pic)
Directions: In the following Indian history GK questions, four answers are given, and only one answer is correct. Please read the questions carefully and choose the correct answers. If you want to check the answer, click on the answer button and know the correct answer with an explanation. We hope you will find this section of Indian history GK questions helpful to increase your knowledge.

1. How many times did Vasco Da Gama visit India?

  1. One time
  2. Two times
  3. Three times
  4. Four Times

Answer: (c) Three times

Solution: The Vasco Da Gama had visited India three times. He first arrived in India on 20 May 1498. Vasco Da Gama died in the city of Cochin, India on Christmas Eve in 1524.

2. Who was the first viceroy of India?

  1. Lord Curzon
  2. Lord Dalhausie
  3. Lord William Bentinck
  4. Lord Canning

Answer: (d) Lord Canning

Solution: Lord canning was appointed as the first viceroy of India. The title of Viceroy was created in 1858, after the mutiny of 1857.

3. Where in India did the Portuguese build their first fortress?

  1. Goa
  2. Cochin
  3. Chennai
  4. Cannanore

Answer: (b) Cochin

Solution: Portuguese built their first fortress in Cochin, India.

4. In which year did Vasco da Gama discover the sea route to India?

  1. 1498
  2. 1502
  3. 1524
  4. 1528

Answer: (a) 1498

Solution: Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India in 1498. He reached India via the Atlantic Ocean and reached Calicut on the Malabar Coast on 20 May 1498.

5. Which one of the following factories was established by the Portuguese in Bengal, India?

  1. Srirampur
  2. Chinsurah
  3. Hooghly
  4. Kasim Bazar

Answer: (c) Hooghly

Solution: A factory named Hooghly was established by the Portuguese in 1537.