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NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group)


NSG Established:May 1974.
NSG Members:48 Members.
NSG Headquarters:Lexington, Massachusetts, United States.
Organization Type:Nuclear Suppliers Group.
NSG Chair:Mr. Tomasz Łękarski, Poland.
Official Languages:English, French, German, and Spanish.
Purpose:Prevent Nuclear Proliferation

What is NSG?

The acronym NSG stands for Nuclear Supplier Group. The NSG is a group of nuclear supplier countries that seek to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of nuclear material, expertise, and equipment that, can be used to create nuclear weapons.

Formation of NSG:

The NSG was formed in May 1974 after the Indian nuclear test called “Smiling Buddha” to further control the export of nuclear technology, equipment, and material.

Members of NSG:

Currently, the NSG has 48 member states. The list of NSG members is given below.

flag-iconArgentina flag-iconAustralia
flag-iconAustria flag-iconBelarus
flag-iconBelgium flag-iconBrazil
flag-iconBulgaria flag-iconCanada
flag-iconChina flag-iconCroatia
flag-iconCyprus flag-iconCzech Republic
flag-iconDenmark flag-iconEstonia
flag-iconFinland flag-iconFrance
flag-iconGreece flag-iconHungary
flag-iconIceland flag-iconIreland
flag-iconItaly flag-iconJapan
flag-iconLatvia flag-iconLithuania
flag-iconLuxembourg flag-iconMalta
flag-iconMexico flag-iconNetherlands
flag-iconNew Zealand flag-iconNorway
flag-iconPoland flag-iconPortugal
flag-iconRomania flag-iconRussia
flag-iconSerbia flag-iconSlovakia
flag-iconSlovenia flag-iconSouth Africa
flag-iconSouth Korea flag-iconSpain
flag-iconTurkey flag-iconUkraine
flag-iconUnited Kingdom flag-iconUnited States

Objectives of NSG:

The main objective of the NSG is to prevent nuclear proliferation by controlling the export of nuclear material, expertise, and equipment that can be used to create nuclear weapons.

Official Languages of NSG:

The official languages of the NSG are English, French, German, and Spanish.

NSG Headquarters:

The headquarters of NSG is situated in Lexington, Massachusetts, United States. A rotating Chair has the overall responsibility for coordination of work and outreach activities.

India and the NSG:

India is not a member of NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) till now. India had applied for the NSG membership in 2016, but due to strong opposition from China, and other countries such as Turkey, Switzerland, New Zealand etc, India has failed to get membership in 2016. After 2016, India successfully convinced Switzerland, New Zealand, and Turkey to get support in NSG for Indian membership. Now, China is the only country opposing Indian NSG membership. Here one important factor of the opposition to Indian NSG membership is NPT. India is not a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.