Australia Group


Formation:June 1985.
Members:43 Members.
Headquarters:RG Casey Building, Canberra, Australia.
Organization Type:Export control regime
Purpose:To control the spread of chemical and biological weapons.
Official Language:English.

What is Australia Group?

The Australia Group is an informal forum of countries to ensure that the export does not contribute to the development of chemical and biological weapons in the world.


The Australia Group officially came into existence in June 1985, after the use of chemical weapons by Iraq in 1984 during the Iran-Iraq war.


Initially, the Australia Group had 15 members, and since then, member countries has grown from 15 to 42 countries plus European Union.

flag-iconArgentina flag-iconAustralia
flag-iconAustria flag-iconBelgium
flag-iconBulgaria flag-iconCanada
flag-iconCroatia flag-iconCzech Republic
flag-iconDenmark flag-iconEstonia
flag-iconEuropean Union flag-iconFinland
flag-iconFrance flag-iconGermany
flag-iconGreece flag-iconHungary
flag-iconIceland flag-iconIndia
flag-iconIreland flag-iconItaly
flag-iconJapan flag-iconCyprus
flag-iconLatvia flag-iconLithuania
flag-iconLuxembourg flag-iconMalta
flag-iconMexico flag-iconNetherlands
flag-iconNew Zealand flag-iconNorway
flag-iconPoland flag-iconPortugal
flag-iconRomania flag-iconSouth Korea
flag-iconSlovakia flag-iconSlovenia
flag-iconSpain flag-iconSweden
flag-iconSwitzerland flag-iconTurkey
flag-iconUkraine flag-iconUnited Kingdom
flag-iconUnited States


The main objective of Australia Group participants is to use licensing measures to ensure that exports of certain chemicals, biological agents, and dual-use chemical and biological manufacturing facilities and equipment, do not contribute to the spread of Chemical and Biological weapons.


The Secretariat of Australia Group is situated in RG Casey Building, Canberra, Australia.

India and Australia Group:

India became the 43rd member of the Australia Group on January 19, 2018.